Why you may be a KUBA Pilot

You may wonder whether this is related to this beautiful island in the Caribbean that you know under the name of Cuba. Although I hope you associate this blog with paradise it is not quite what a KUBA Pilot would be about. Neither it is about the Central African Kuba Kingdom whose residents according to Wikipedia believed in the Sky Father Bumba who in their belief created the fascinating celestial bodies we see when we look up.

Speaking of objects in the sky, airplanes are up there too and as highly successful Brian Tracy points out they are 99% off course, quite similar to one’s life’s journey. Nevertheless, destinations are reached and often also in time. The pilot would constantly assess the plane’s position and ensure the course is adequately corrected if needed. The KUBA Pilot doesn’t fly airplanes but does a similar job: Assessing the current position and correcting the course of action if needed to reach the desired destination, the goal or the dream.

You probably have guessed, KUBA is an acronym that describes a success strategy for anybody who is prepared to work on getting to where they want to be. If you consider yourself an achiever and use a strategy that keeps you on course towards your desired destination you too may be a KUBA Pilot.

KUBA Pilots have great knowledge about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, core values and vision. They too spend a good deal of time to understand what is important to their peers. Outside of their closest circles they build and maintain a supporting network. But most importantly they act in alignment with their vision. And as pilots they ensure they stay on course.

Photo: Sandy SQ

Here, you will find insides, tools and references related to topics of each of the KUBA Pilot elements, such as self awareness and self management, understanding the motivation and perspectives of others, relationship building and networking as well as goal setting and moving into the right direction.

Still reading? You must be a fellow achiever and a KUBA Pilot. I would love you to subscribe to this blog, come back, leave comments and together we can explore destinations, reach goals and fulfil our dreams. Are you in?

Your KUBA Pilot!

Sandy SQ

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