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KUBA Pilot – A Simple Success Strategy for Everyone

Living in the 21st century is certainly different than growing up in the previous one. Back then, most professionals were looking to get to the top by being intelligent and working incredibly hard to get the results that eventually would earn them the desired promotion or the success they were looking for. Surely, there was an element of knowing the right people and as it appears, it was a lot easier for men than for women, for people from the same background or graduates from renown universities. Today, however the Generations Y and Z, born 1981-1996 (Y) and 1997-2016 (Z), have often a different idea of reaching their full potential. Inclusion, diversity, political correctness, digital age, values, experience, social responsibility are just a few buzz words that keep floating around.

The definition of success has shifted from pushing through to getting results to having an experience on the journey that lead to results for these younger generations. With the emphasis on the experience, engagement is rather driven by meeting the individual’s expectations in contrast to a one fits all approach that has been working for most people of previous generations. Therefore, emotional intelligence has become a key competence for leaders and managers in organisations. To ensure success is the outcome however, a simple and proven strategy is needed. A strategy that can be easy followed by everyone who enjoys the experience of being in the driver seat of their own individual success story.

KUBA Pilot is a simple strategy for people who want to safely navigate through quickly changing environments to get to where they want to be.

The following four key coordinates help you to stay on course to reaching your desired destination:

K – Know Yourself

Knowing what material you are made of will give you trust and confidence in your ability to get through any storms that may have you struggle on the way to your destination. Understanding your values and the drivers of your behaviour are as important as knowing how you learn best and how you like to communicate. Equipped with knowledge about yourself you will be able to avoid running out of fuel, burning out or crash land your dreams and instead reach your destination way more resilient than you have started off.

U – Understand Others

Understanding others will help responding appropriately to their preferred way of communication, learning and operating. Knowing yourself and being equipped with the ability to understand the motivations of your peers, customers, direct reports, managers and other relevant people in your life will help you to gain insights to what others need and how you can help them to satisfy those needs.

B – Build Relationships

Building relationships and networks will give you the support system that you need to reach your destination. Knowing yourself and understanding the motivations of others form the basis for trusting relationships with effective communication. Expanding these relationships to a wider network with experts from different areas will increase your social capital which in turn equips you with a support network that can help you when you are stuck or need help to keep you moving towards your destination.

A – Align Decisions

You already know where to you want to get. This is the vision that you are working towards to, the destination you want to reach. Little is happening without actions. But certain actions may be counterproductive. Therefore it is important to check whether your actions bring you closer or take you further away from making that vision a reality.

Be a KUBA Pilot

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You become a KUBA Pilot once you are in control of these key coordinates. Even though each of these key coordinates are important in their own right they are entangled. In fact together with you as the pilot they form a simple and easy to use strategy for a safe journey towards any destination you set out to reach.

KUBA Pilots will monitor, assess and adjust their actions for each of the coordinates to ensure they remain on course. They too will make errors, but are equipped to learn from mistakes and to continue their journey with better confidence and resilience. As a KUBA Pilot you will be able to navigate through impacts outside of your control and through fast changing environments until you reach your destination.

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