About KUBA Pilot

KUBA Pilot is a strategy that will set you up with effective thinking habits that help you remain calm in stressful situations, overcome cognitive biases, and enhance your relationships with others. All of which are requisites for reaching effective results.

We Need People to Get Results

One of the biggest issues that each and one of us face daily is related to our relationships. Building trusting and meaningful connections with others is the key ingredient to being successful in personal and professional life.

There is nobody in the world who has been successful without the support of other people. However, times are changing. Influencing tactics, additional benefits, or adding pressure seem a lot less effective than just a decade ago.

On top of it, increasing complexity due to digitalisation, information overflow, competing priorities, an incredibly fast pace, and constant change are challenges that require new ways of working with people to continue to reach effective results.

KUBA Pilot provides a new and practical way of working that ensures a balanced approach between self and others as well as between details and the bigger picture.

The Problem

People don’t listen because they think they know the answers. They believe their thoughts and become defensive when these thoughts are challenged. They push back. The more we are trying to change people’s opinions and behaviours the stronger the defence we will encounter. Yet, pushing people to change their ways is precisely what we do.

We speak not only to tell other people what we think, but to tell ourselves what we think. Speech is a part of thought.” 

Oliver Sacks, Seeing Voices

In addition to the stressors we already have in our lives, our stress levels further increase by failing to get others on board.

To get results most people tend to either do all the work themselves (and burn out in the process) or put even more pressure on others. A vicious cycle is born that keeps people under constant pressure, which has them miss important details and lack support from others and fail to deliver effective results.

The Solution

The KUBA Pilot strategy helps reverse this cycle and sets people up with effective thinking habits to reach the effective results they struggle with today.

KUBA is an acronym that stands for four checkpoints: Know Yourself, Understand Others, Build Connections and Align Decisions.

Following these four checkpoints with projects, challenges, decisions, or conflicts helps people to remain calm in stressful situations, overcome cognitive biases, and enhance their relationships with others. All of which are requisites for reaching effective results.

The more often the KUBA Pilot Strategy is being practised the faster it becomes a new habit of thinking that is reinforced by getting effective results consistently.

You get desired results a lot faster and more effectively if you are following the KUBA Pilot strategy.

The 4 Checkpoints:

K – Know Yourself

Get to know yourself and ensure you are communicating from that knowing, from your true self. Understand deeply, what your top priorities are, what your strength and weaknesses are, how you learn and what you like and dislike when communicating, working and learning. What is it that you need from others? You need to be absolutely honest with yourself.

Ask yourself: Why is that important to me? How do I want this to work out? What do I need from others?

U – Understand Others

Get to understand others by having a conversation with them. Be curious about what they have to say and then listen to what they do say. Identify their strength and what you could learn from them. Identify what you have in common and how, if at all, you both together can build on this common trait, idea, ambition or interest.

Ask others: What is important to you? What do you want? What do you need? How can I help you get what you want?

B – Build Connections

Start connecting the details you have gathered. What do you know about the problem you want to solve. Who else is involved? How can they help? What is the common denominator between you and them? How can you build connections between the problem you are trying to solve and the problem others are trying to solve? How can the details help you find a solution? How can you find a solution together with people who have a similar interest in getting the problem solved?

Do: Analyse the details and information available. Find a common denominator. Reach out and ask for clarification. Brainstorm a solution. Work together with others on finding the best way forward. Ask what else might be important? Identify options.

A – Align decisions

Each decision will bring you either closer or further away from your desired results. It is important that you spend your energy, time and activities on all things that help you make progress. Look at the bigger picture. Identify the consequences of the options available. Make sure the decision is aligned with the long-term strategy. Trust your gut but check the details especially if something appears somewhat off.

Reflect: Is the decision in alignment with my why, what and needs? Will it help to get lasting results or is it just a quick fix that will haunt me later? Does it make sense to invest my time, money and energy in a certain activity now or is it better to leave it until there is more clarity? What are the people who are supporting me say? What impact does this decision have on my environment, my close circles and myself now and later?

I dream of men who take the next step instead of worrying about the next thousand steps.

Theodore Roosevelt

Who would benefit most from using the KUBA Pilot strategy?

  • Middle Managers or Leaders who struggle to get results due to poor performance and delivery from their teams, direct reports and/ or other colleagues.
  • Aspiring Managers who feel overlooked and unappreciated in their work even though they work longer hours and a lot harder than their colleagues.
  • Business owners or Entrepreneurs who need better results but experience their team and partners lack engagement.

How to get started?

Use the KUBA Pilot Strategy straight away. The more practice the better. Sandy is happy to support you with on-the-job training ideally over a number of months to help you build effective thinking habits using the strategy consistently.

Reach out for more information, pricing, and questions you may have.

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