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Middle Managers:

Cruise Above Pressure, Lead High-Performing Teams, & Achieve Effective Results

Learn how Middle Managers can be relaxed, have a team of engaged people and achieve effective results!

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Hi, I am Sandy Seeber-Quayle, good to meet you!

Constantly pushing through is not sustainable, yet organizations cannot thrive without effective results.

Discover a way to empower Middle Managers to consistently drive lasting business results, without succumbing to burnout.

Just like jet pilots who maintain control while cruising at high altitudes.

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KUBA Pilot offers practical, on-the-job training that equips Middle Managers with an easy-to-use effective thinking strategy.

This strategy helps them navigate factors beyond their control and consistently deliver effective business results.

KUBA Pilot Strategy
4 checkpoints 
Know yourself
Understand others
Build connections 
align decisions

With repeated application, the KUBA Pilot Strategy instils effective thinking habits in Middle Managers, enabling them to remain calm in stressful situations, overcome cognitive biases, and enhance their relationships with others – all essential for achieving effective results.

KUBA Pilot Program for Individuals

Are you an aspiring or current Middle Manager struggling with competing priorities, constant pressure, or lack of engagement? If you want to improve your communication, people management, and business effectiveness, this program is designed for you.

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KUBA Pilot Program for Organizations

If you aim to develop your Middle Managers and enhance their communication, people management, and business skills to drive more effective results, this program is tailored for your organization.

Schedule a 30-minute meeting with me to learn more!

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Hear what others are saying:

“Sandy is very dedicated and enthusiastic in her work which drives her team to consistently achieve. She is an excellent manager, both at prioritising what has to be done and also at communicating with people.” 

— Direct Report at CNP Santander

“Sandy provided outstanding results for Apple in terms of achieving results and going behind the duty. … Experiencing her quick and sharp mind at work was most impressive … .”

— Manager at Apple Inc.

“Sandy is gifted with the ability to see in bigger dimensions, to discover potential that would have never been used.”

— Colleague about Sandy