About Sandy

Thank you for your interest! Let me tell you that you are in the right place if you are looking for an easy yet effective strategy that gets you results fast.

I am an accomplished professional, a coach, a trainer, a published author, a world traveller and the creator of the KUBA Pilot strategy. To get here took me a lot longer than I had planned.

“Get RESULTS consistently with an EASY yet EFFECTIVE Strategy”

I wanted too much way too fast. With high expectations from myself and life itself I was constantly looking for shortcuts, striving for excellence (and perfection), modelling others, working harder and eventually I burnt out.

I redirected my life to take care of myself. I passionately observed and studied human behaviour, dived into every tool available to developing myself, listened to experts from all over the world, meditated, exercised, used tools and followed complex strategies. I even explored the depths of my unconscious mind to a point were I really didn’t want to stay.

I figured that I needed to balance my work and personal life.

All changed when I started to use my self-knowledge to my advantage. Instead of people pleasing I made sure I understood what they needed from me. Instead of coming up with all solutions myself I consulted my colleagues, business partners or wider network and we together reached the next level. Instead of taking an impulsive decisions I paused to look at what impact these would have. Finally, I started to get solid results for my employers, business partners and the teams I led, a growing income, recognition. In addition, I personally started to see results by having more energy, losing excess weight and being more relaxed than ever. Now at having passed the big four I feel better than I had in my teenage years.

All what I have done is incredible easy to follow. You too, can get results by using my KUBA Pilot strategy.

The KUBA. Pilot strategy is an easy to follow yet effective strategy for you to get the results you struggle with the most.

What People Say About Sandy Seeber-Quayle

Sandy is very dedicated and enthusiastic in her work which drives her team to consistently achieve. She is an excellent manager, both at prioritising what has to be done and also at communicating with people. 

Direct Report at CNP Santander Insurance

Sandy provided outstanding results for Apple in terms of achieving results and going behind the duty. … Experiencing her quick and sharp mind at work was most impressive … .

Manager at Apple

Sandy is gifted with the ability to see in bigger dimensions, to discover potential that would have never been used.