Know Yourself

How Self-Aware Are You?

There were an impressive nearly 300 million results when I typed the key words self-awareness into search. There is a vast amount of information available in the internet on this topic. You will find various definitions, a few models, many exercises and thousands of articles about being self-aware. The question is where to start… Continue reading How Self-Aware Are You?

Align Actions

Missing Stepping Stones

The road to success is hardly ever straight. Sometimes there is resistance in the way and sometimes we resist to do what is needed to get ahead. Sometimes we take the challenges but don't move even a millimetre forward. Just look at Brexit - it appears to be a never ending story. Many steps have been taken yet there hasn't been much progress to date. I am sure that there are many other similar examples in your immediate environment. Often the effort we have put in leads to frustration instead of success.

Know Yourself

Why knowing your values is important

Photo: Sandy SQ The world appears to be on the fast track of change. Climate change has triggered a global movement that already has gained traction with several governments and businesses committing to reduce plastic waste. Only last week, The World Economic Forum published their new World Trade Uncertainty Index noting a sharp rise in… Continue reading Why knowing your values is important