KUBA Pilot Program for Individuals

Are you an aspiring or current Middle Manager struggling with competing priorities, constant pressure, or lack of engagement? If you want to improve your communication, people management, and business effectiveness, this program is designed for you. 

In our sessions, we will practice using the KUBA Pilot Strategy on the agreed objective and plan of action to achieve your desired outcome.

The KUBA Pilot Program is designed to set you up for lasting success in bringing you closer to your desired outcomes. Over six remote face-to-face sessions, each lasting approximately 55 minutes and ideally spaced over a period of three months, you will work with Sandy to:

Session 1: Clarify your goals, identify your priorities, and establish a plan of action.

Session 2: Review progress, celebrate successes, and identify any obstacles to address.

Session 3: Explore available options and strategies for overcoming obstacles and moving forward.

Session 4: Refine your action plan and agree on specific steps to take in the coming weeks.

Session 5: Evaluate progress, discuss any challenges or new insights, and make adjustments as needed.

Session 6: Celebrate your successes, reflect on what you have learned, and identify the next steps for continued growth and development.

Throughout the program, Sandy will hold you accountable, provide support and guidance, and help you stay on track towards achieving your desired results.

The KUBA Pilot Program sets you up for lasting success by identifying options, agreeing on actionable steps, and holding you accountable. By the end, you will have made progress and have a clear understanding of how to continue your journey towards success.