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Coaching was yesterday — today we are Piloting

Have you ever thought about the word coaching in its original meaning? Going back to around 1550 (yes, that is nearly 500 years), a coach is considered a “large kind of four-wheeled, covered carriage” according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. The use of the word coaching in a sense of training somebody to excel has been established later but exists for at least nearly two centuries. While back in the very old days a coach was exactly what we needed to get from “A” to “B” simply because there were no other means of transport we now travel not only a lot faster but also through the air. We even get up into space. I wonder what our ancestors would have thought of such a possibility.

Coaching as a form of bringing a person from where they are to where they want to be has truly become a well known discipline in all walks of life including sports, businesses and how to live a more fulfilled, successful and healthy life. It does work, doesn’t it? 

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